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American Football & College Football Betting Strategy!

american-football-bettingMost bookmakers offer 30 sports to bet with multiple options, bonus, and promotions, but there is a sport that is on the big list used by bettors in the world, some say that this sport is one of the reasons for the existence of bookmakers. We are talking about American football, the most popular sport in the United States. All bettors have used football to make money at least once on their betting life, that’s obvious, 99% sure they have done it.

Football apart from being a sport that loves and moves fans around the United States, it’s also very lucrative for people who invest in sports betting. No matter the venue or date, any football, college or professional game has great opportunities to make money. The bettors only need a good football betting strategy to start.

How to choose football games to bet?

Football betting odds can be followed in any bookmaker, especially those that are ingrained with American sports. In American football betting options are multiple and extensive, but the best odds are in the simplest options: Straight Betting, Over / Under, Run lines.

The first thing a bettor has to do is to define the best betting option and what kind of football it will be since there are two American football options in the United States to make money: NFL football betting and NCAA college football betting. Both options are lucrative, but there is one that is tougher than the other. The first option is the most recommended for its professional level in the NFL, while the second option requires more precision when doing research For each game. Football lines and odds change daily from the day they are released to the public, it is necessary to follow up to avoid choosing an inflated or static line.

TOTALS as an alternative

Among the best alternatives to bet on American football are the options of TOTALS (over/under), this option is perfect for bettors who do not want to choose (big hassle) a winning team but prefer to do a research of how many points can be scored during a game. The tools to look for the information of the teams and their averages points per game are much easier to consult than other methods, besides the official reports from the NFL coming with a great added value on the football betting odds.

Run lines and Half Betting

At the beginning of each season, interesting football betting lines are offered for teams that start the season with home games, usually with very lucrative run lines (spreads), but these games are only “samples” and should not be taken seriously. The first two weeks of American football is just to “see” how is the team’s performance, the bettors do not need to make bets.

The run lines begin to be formally defined after the first 2-3 weeks of the season, as the weaknesses of the strong are separated. Once you discover the teams with the best football betting odds in run lines, it’s time to make the bets and wait for only the key games where the run line has a line that covers all the expectations.

Halftime bets are for totals, run lines, and straight football betting. It is possible to bet on any half during the game in question, both the first and second half, each half will have different odds based on the performance of the teams, obviously the first half will be more balanced in terms of odds.

College Football Approach

College football is a gold mine, but it can also become a trap. College football players often try to stand out in every game and ignore the strategies defined by their coaches to score points and they like to be the heroes of a game. All this makes college football volatile and very dangerous for the football betting newcomers.

In college football betting, research must be done very carefully, since the minimum error while calculating the numbers can cause a catastrophe in the bankroll. There are several methods and systems to bet on college football, but none is 100% accurate. The most appropriate thing is to carefully study each game to detail the strengths and weaknesses of the teams and watch college football betting lines move during the week.

Among the best options to bet on college football: Over / Under, Team Totals, Straight Betting, Runlines, Quarters betting.

College Football Betting System

Appart from your personal research, always invest some part of your betting bankroll in a good sports handicapping systems. Z code System, Sports Cash System and The Whale Picks System are among few reputed betting systems. These betting systems provide various tools, bankroll management along with college football picks for both  NFL & NCAA games.

As in any other sport, taking bets are a fundamental part of its operation and any strategy can be advantageous no matter what type of system is used. The most important thing is to have enough information at hands such as percentages, statistics, reports, football betting tips, Videos and others to make the right decision.

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