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Best Horse Betting Strategy For Beginners As Well As Pros

best horse betting strategyFew sports have as many betting tips and strategies compared to horse racing. Horse betting strategies are almost an art form, but many beginners can benefit from using some basic horse betting tips that will get them off to a good start.

Beginner’s Tips

You may have heard the terms “win”, “place”, and “show” which is how you can bet on a horse race. In horse betting tips, this is what each phrase means.

Obviously, start with some small bets on “show” which greatly increases your chances of winning. Keep in mind that in this betting environment, you are playing against the other bettors and not the house which is a big difference compared to casino gambling.

Start Small

Horse betting starts in $2 increments, so keep it low when you first start. As with any betting, you should always use the money you are comfortable with losing so you don’t get in over your head.

Bet the Favorite

By betting on the favorite, you will win approximately 33% each time which is a pretty good horse racing betting strategy.

Bet Low on Win, Bet High on Show

As you become more familiar with betting strategies, start by betting a low amount of money on “win”, followed by a larger amount on “show” for the same horse. Since favorites win 33% of the time, you increase your odds of getting something for the money you bet.

Keep the Winning Tickets

You can cash in your tickets at once which you should do at the end of the day. Keep the winners in one place so you can leave with your winnings.

Get The Tips From Horse Betting Systems

To be successful in horse betting you need to choose the most successful horse racing tipster to get horse racing betting tips.  Before proceeding to online horse betting first you have to research in your own way and compare them with the horse betting tips provided by the sports handicapping system.

There are some horse betting systems like Zcode SystemFirst Favourite & Horse Players Heaven are having very good track records of providing accurate picks in the field of horse racing.

Advanced Horse Betting Strategies

Once you feel comfortable with standard betting, it’s time to move on to more advanced efforts that will improve your chances of winning. Here are a few horse betting tips that will help win more money.

Bet on a Beaten Favorite

If a favorite had lost a race and is racing again, bet on that horse. Even the best horses get beaten every so often, so the odds say that they will make a comeback at some point unless the loss was due to injury.

Bet Against the Horse

Instead of picking the winner, you are betting on a horse that will not finish in the top three. Find a race with at least 10 horses, choose a horse with the lowest odds and bet against them. You should win this type of bet roughly 80% of the time because of the number of horses in the race.

Keep in mind that if you bet over a series of races during the day, your odds of winning at least some of them go up dramatically. By using the right horse racing betting strategy, you can become comfortable placing bets and racking up wins if you start small and use the right horse betting strategy.

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