Draft Dashboard Reviews- Is This The Best Lineup Optimizer?

Draft Dashboard is one of the biggest collections of tools for daily fantasy sports. This is one of the most complete tool compilation I know and with the best market price. I will detail each one of the tools offered by DraftDash to the public, especially for those addicted to daily fantasy sports that are using DFS services like FanDuel, Draft Kings, Yahoo! Sports and Fantasy Draft.

NFL lineup optimizer

In addition, the tools work with any other DFS fantasy provider and compatible with NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL. Hence please read the Draft Dashboard review till the end so that you will have a clear picture of this tool.

DFS Lineup Generator

I have been using this tool since the first day with DraftDash. This tool helped me calculate the real value of each fantasy player, the system has an incredible logic to calculate all the statistics of the players and the final result is much better than any other DFS Lineup Generator free on the internet.

NBA Lineup Optimizer

NBA Lineup OptimizerWith this tool, I realized how easy it was to generate a deep analysis of my lineup for the NBA, especially when there are so many trades in the season. DraftDash is easy to use for all sports, especially with the NBA. I use this tool for my lineups with FanDuel and Draftkings. The NBA Lineup Optimizer is constantly updated with the fresh statistics of the fantasy players.

MLB Lineup Optimizer

DFS Lineup OptimizerThe accuracy of DraftDash is unique, with the NFL and the NBA the options are perfect, but with the baseball in the MLB season, the lineups are incredible. I was all the last season trying the MLB Lineup Optimizer to improve my scores in DraftKings and my results were superior to last year when I still did not use DraftDash. As in other sports, the optimizer is updated with important data from each team.

Is DraftDashboard compatible with DraftKings, FanDuel?

draft dashboard reviewsDraftDashboard is a multipurpose tool, not only to learn about DFS but to improve the monetary gains and positions in the best DFS providers on the internet. For me DraftKings it is one of the best providers, that’s why most of the time I was using the draft dashboard with the DraftKings lineup optimizer.

My life was much easier when I learned to take the advantage of the salary assigned to each player, also the draft dashboard offered me the best tips on players that I did not even think would improve my lineup. The optimizer really works.

With FanDuel and Yahoo! Sports Football Fantasy was the same story, so far the NFL season has been easy thanks to the FanDuel Lineup Optimizer, that same optimizer works for Yahoo! and other providers.

Tools Inside Draft Dashboard

  • DFS Sleepers to find profitable players with low salaries
  • DFS Daily Advice with the best notes for all the weekly contests
  • Weekly Studs with the best players in points and statistics.
  • Team Browser to find the perfect team for the season.
  • Top Weekly fantasy players offer a summary of the best picks of the week
  • Watched Players is a comparative tool for players not selected.


How much does the Draft Dashboard cost?

The price is a small investment to me, it seemed a good offer for all the tools it offers. They have a limited time offer $1 for 30 days of use, then the price of the subscription is only $39.95 per month.

Is it profitable?

It has given me good results, in the last season of the MLB, I was winning weekly up to $250 in Draftkings. The season for me was very successful, especially with baseball and now with the NFL. I highly recommend Draft Dashboard as one of the best lineup optimizers for daily fantasy sports. You can also try another fantasy sports predictor tool by Zcode System. Please note this tool is only for US & Canada players only.

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