Fan Victor Review: Is This The Best Fantasy Sports Plugin?

Fan Victor is a WordPress fantasy sports plugin that lets you create your own website for fantasy sports. Instead of having to run your fantasy leagues through a site like Yahoo or ESPN, you can create your own website as if you were FanDuel or DraftKings. This means that you set the rules which include deciding whether you want to use actual money in your league or not.

FFan Victor Fantasy Sports Plugin

In this Fan Victor review, we will look at how this fantasy sports website template works, the benefits that it offers, the pros and cons, and ultimately the verdict on whether this is the best WordPress fantasy sports theme you can obtain for your use.


How Does Fan Victor Plugin Works

All you need to do after buying the software is download it to your computer and then activate it by following the instructions, so you can create your own fantasy sports site. From the time you make the purchase until your website is ready is only a few minutes which makes it easy for anyone to create leagues in a wide variety of sports. Some of the choices that you have include the following;

  • NFL, NBA, MLB, and PGA
  • College Football and Basketball
  • Professional Soccer, NASCAR, and More

You can even create your own rugby league, Olympic events, and so much more that is available through Fan Victor. This is because Fan Victor has several partners that provide all the data information needed to run your league accurately. All the heavy work is completed, all you really need to do once the website is set up is to find players for your fantasy league. If you have ever wondered how to create a fantasy sports website, Fan Victor offers one of the easiest to set up.

With Fan Victor, you can play out a full season, go with a daily fantasy sports (DFS) route, or choose a combination of both.

Pros and Cons of Fan Victor WordPress Plugin

Fan Victor Plugin ReviewFor anyone who wants to create a fantasy sports website template, so they can run their own fantasy leagues, there are good reasons why Fan Victor is the right choice.

Easy Set Up

In fact, it’s hard to imagine an easier setup for anyone who has dreamed of running their own fantasy league. The WordPress fantasy league plugin installs in seconds which means that you can start adding your own teams quickly which makes the entire process simple and easy to perform.

Variety of Sports

Another strong advantage is that you have a wide number of sports to choose from for your fantasy league. Even more obscure sports such as rugby are available, so you and your friends can compete against each other with your favorite sports stars.

Handles Everything

From providing the data information necessary for player stats, collecting the money, to running the site itself, Fan Victor handles everything easily, so you can focus on your team and running the league. For those who want to make a business out of their site, this may be one of the easiest programs that let you do it.

Worldwide Participation

Whether you choose to limit the players to those you know or reach around the world, it is your choice thanks to the Fan Victory fantasy sports theme. The internet allows access from any point, so you can even run the operation from anywhere in the world that has a web connection. You can expand your services as much as you want which means entertaining players from all parts of the globe if that is your desire.

Because of the unique plugin, you can make changes as you wish to tweak the site to your liking. This means that you can create a unique experience for your participants and separate yourself from the competition if you plan on taking a business effort.

The limitations of Fan Victor are not really with the system itself, but where you live in the world and the rules or regulations that you must follow in running a fantasy sports website. This is especially true if money is involved. If you run it without any fee or money pool, then you should have no worries. However, there are certain locations that restrict the use of fantasy sites that have money pools or ways to win money if your team or players do well. So, be sure to check with your local laws, rules, and regulations if you plan on setting up Fan Victor as a business that operates with a cash flow.


Final Verdict

In this Fan Victor review, we have looked at all aspects of what the program offers, the sports that it supports, and the advantages that it has to offer. All things considered, there are few fantasy sports website software as powerful, yet as easy to set up at Fan Victor. The easy setup may not be the most important consideration, but it is the key to why this system we find works so well. You get to dive right into the fantasy play just minutes after setting it up.

When it comes to how to create a fantasy sports website, there are few, if any better programs than Fan Victor. You can create the fantasy sports website template that is customized for your needs so that you, your friends, and participants from around the world can have a unique experience when playing in your league. That may be what separates Fan Victor from the competition is the ability to tweak and adjust the site to your liking so that the experience you offer is nothing like any other site.

We wholeheartedly recommend Fan Victor as the WordPress fantasy league plugin that is like no other. For those who want to create a fantasy sports site for friends and family, the low price, easy setup, and wide choices for sports leagues are most impressive. If you are thinking of taking your fantasy league to the next level and creating a site for business purposes, the fact that it virtually runs itself is a great incentive which is why Fan Victor is the one to choose.


Affordable Price


Ease of Use


Variety of Sports





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