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How To Create A Fantasy Sports Website with Fan Victor.

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Fantasy sports is a new & growing industry in the US & Canada, that produced more profit last year than porn, video games, movies & casinos combined?  It is now most profitable to start a fantasy sports website to make money with fantasy sports. You only need several tools that are very easy to use. Once they are all incorporated, fantasy sports fans can start making bets and make money on your site. It’s a pretty profitable business for people who want to invest in a fantasy sports website.

The main component is a daily fantasy sports software, which is known as Fan Victor. It’s a WordPress plugin with all the necessary functions to start a fantasy sports website easily. You only need a hosting, domain, install WordPress and do other simple things to start making money by getting paid through Paypal.

What is

The owner and creator of this wonderful software called Fan Victor Fantasy Sports PlugIn is an expert in fantasy sports and sports software development. Victor Ientilucci has years of experience as a creator of fantasy sports website software. And one day he decided to create a tool capable of transforming any website into a fantasy sports site. So simple is the story of Victor, a specialist who decided to share the formula of fantasy sports money with people who wanted to invest in this lucrative business.

Steps to create a fantasy sports website

The first thing to do for a person who is ready to invest in this daily fantasy sports software is to have about $500 dollars available to buy the WordPress plugin and the other tools needed to build the website.

Step 1: Buying web hosting is the first thing an investor should do. The most recommended web hosting services range from $ 50 to $ 100 per year, it all depends on how many sports and users the website will have during its operations as a fantasy sports website. Managing a web hosting is quite easy, no advanced knowledge is required.

Step 2: Acquire a domain, preferably .com or .net. The top domains give a more serious image to the website and users will feel more confident when depositing their money to make bets in different sports and leagues. Domains are economical, can be purchased from $ 9 to $ 20, depending on the provider, but web hosting providers also sell domains. It is recommended that the domain has a sports word, for example,

Step 3: Security is something necessary, shielding the website is a fundamental thing that any investor should take into account to safeguard their investment and the money of users. When buying an SSL certificate, user information is protected, money and all data are encrypted to avoid being intercepted by hackers.

Step 4: Once we have purchased the web hosting, domain, SSL and Fan Victor Sports PlugIn, we proceed to install WordPress on our web hosting (it can easily be done with an automated installer like Scriptaculous or another available in the web hosting company), with WordPress installed, we proceed to configure it and install the plugin.

The instructions on how to install fantasy football software are included in the purchase package on, in addition to instructions, the investments will have complete technical support in case you need help when installing and using the plugin. The plugin is compatible with the latest version of word press and does not need too many resources from web hosting.

Apart from the technical tools, the website owner can hire a graphic designer to design a logo and a template for the website, while more original and related to sports is the website, it will be much more attractive for users and bettors.

What features does the Fan Victor Sports Plug-In include?

The plug-in contains more than 150 different functions to help the investor make money. Among the most common functions for the users of the website are: Create Contest, Add funds, My live entries, My upcoming entries, My funds, Future events, Game Summary, Transactions, Withdrawal history, among others. Each of the functions is designed to help the user of the newest daily fantasy sports website, making bets and creating events will be a simple task for any fantasy sports fan using your website.

In addition to the functions for users, the plug-in includes a full range of tools to help the investor manage their website and have greater control over the community and the management of money. The website owner can choose which sport and what type of bets can be made on his website, without needing to modify the plug-in or add new functions. Another excellent tool is the statistics and daily reports that will support the investor.

What betting and sports options can be used with the plug-in?

The most popular sports leagues in the world are available to be used with the plugin, no extra configuration is required, just pick the leagues and sports from the plugin operations panel.

Among the sports leagues available are NFL, CFL, NCAA, NBA, WNBA, MLB, Golf, NHL, NASCAR, Soccer Leagues (European, Americans, etc), UFC, Boxing, among other sports and leagues. The betting modalities are similar to other fantasy sports websites: Player Draft, Player Unit, Pick’em, Pick’em ats, pick’em atm, tie breaker, ultimate pick’em, pick square, best 5 and golf skin.

All sports use data from various suppliers, the investor will have tools to choose which sports and leagues will be available. Everything is automatic with daily fantasy sports software, results and winners are automatically loaded every day as soon as they are available from the data providers.

Can you add extra features?

Investors can contact directly to request a personalized quote. It is possible to add different functions to those included in the plugin and thus improve the profits. Fantasy sports software development is done by the same creator of the plugin with his team of expert programmers in sports and advanced programming language. The modifications will have an extra cost besides the original price of the plugin.

How to promote a fantasy sports website?

The promotion of the website will depend a lot on the budget capacity of the investor. The more money you willing to pay for advertising, the easier it will be to promote the fantasy sports website. It is recommended to maintain direct contact with the possible users through facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Promote contests through networks and invite people to join the website with free coupons and credits without the need to deposit real money. You can also adopt SEO method to get organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. Once visitors start coming to your fantasy sports website you can launch sign up bonus & other lucrative offers to attract more players.

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