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Odds Worth Betting Review – Does This Really Work?

Those of you who are interested in betting on sports games, or who have recently searched the internet because they’re interested in learning how to bet correctly, will probably see Odds Worth Betting. James Jones’ Odds Worth Betting is a new way to start betting without having to analyze all the information before picking your team. You should see Odds Worth Betting as more of a service instead of a gambling website.

A service? How can a gambling website possibly be a service?

Odds Worth Betting is unique in its own way because you are not required to know anything about the players, teams, or even sports for that matter. Every day, James Jones will send you an email specifying the winning picks for the day. The great part about this is, not only does he save you the relentless hours and hours of researching the web and analyzing previous games. You are also free to stand down if you don’t feel like betting today.

Why should I choose his picks over my own picks?

Of course, you’re free to choose your own picks if you want, no one’s stopping you. However, James Jones has a special secret which almost guarantees you your money’s worth. So what exactly is this special secret?
First of all, James Jones has great statistical betting skills. This means that when he places a bet, he doesn’t just randomly guess who’s going to win. He doesn’t bet on someone just because they’re more famous than the other team. His bets are based on statistics. He analyses the players, the teams, the matches, everything. He takes everything into account starting with something as simple as how often the team has won previous games, all the way to real-time info like which players won’t be participating.

But that’s not all. James has a secret weapon as well. This secret weapon is known as “7”. This figure called “7” is a former athlete who has partnered with James and has shared his insider knowledge to prepare the recommended picks. James’ statistical betting skills combined with 7’s experience and contacts in the sports world.

So how does Odds Worth Betting works?

Odds Worth Betting gives you multiple options. You can choose to have access to the service for 1 week or even a month, but you also have the option to become a VIP or simply use the service for 1 day. All in all, a great choice for everyone.

Once you’ve chosen your subscription, you can expect an email around 3 PM Eastern Time on Monday through Friday. On weekends the emails are sent around noon Eastern Time. As said before, James also takes real-time info into consideration. In some occasion, the email will be sent closer to 5 pm as he might need to do additional research or keep breaking information in mind. Keep in mind that you need to call James in order to confirm your order or your bet won’t go through.

If you’ve purchased one or more picks, you also have the option to have the information sent to your mobile phone. All you need to do for this is send an email with the number you’d like your picks to be texted to.
As flexible as Odds Worth Betting is with purchasing picks, they’re also just as flexible when it comes to canceling orders. Simply email your cancellation request to them and it will be done.

Can I really win money with Odds Worth Betting?

Long story short, yes. Now, this isn’t to say that you will be rich after using Odds Worth Betting once, definitely not, unless you are the exception to the rule. If you want to make money using this service, you have to be in it for the long haul. Betting isn’t like a casino. You don’t put money into the machine once and hope the jackpot falls out shining like the sun. When you’re betting on sports or any other bets for that matter, you have to have a system. You need to learn how you can best manage your money and invest in the right teams while also keeping a nice balance between the two. Don’t become too selfish and confident of yourself because you will end up losing more than you bargained for. Be smart and stick to betting no more than a couple of units on each bet. If you play it safe like this you’ll have the best chance of doubling your money short term, and x10 in the long run.

I want to start using Odds Worth Betting but I have some questions that weren’t answered in this review.

No matter how long this review is, there are bound to be some questions that are left unanswered. Luckily James and “7” are ready to answer your questions any day of the week. Monday through Sunday they are ready to answer any question either through email or through a phone call. The help they offer isn’t restricted to questions strictly about the website, your account, payments or other administrative stuff. They are also there to answer any questions you have about matches, odds, and the picks you have been sent.

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