RebelBetting Review: Does The Arbitrage Software Work?

RebelBetting software reviewRebelBetting Pro software is one of the best sports arbitrage software which is developed by Clarobet AB, consisting of a team of software developers & sports professionals. It is a complete tool to help punters who are interested in finding the advantages in the prices offered by the different bookmakers in the UK and Europe. Rebelbetting software is able to find, manage and recommend the best arbitrage betting options successfully since its first rollout of the beta version in the year 2007. In the following sports arbitrage software review, we shall analyze the entire pro & cons with the detail features we found inside the RebelBetting full version.


Rebelbetting review

What does RebelBetting offer that makes it so special for punters?

The first thing we have to mention is that although there is some Rebelbetting alternative software developed to find arbitrage bet, it is one of the best software or service that is offered to the public among them. Rebel Betting software gives an enormous advantage to the punters since it helps them analyze the best opportunities that exist between several bookies, the difference between the prices (odds) that become sure bets. In a nutshell, it is the best arbitrage bet finder.

RebelBetting combines a series of functions. The first function of the software is the reading of the prices coming from several bookies, especially from bookmakers like Betfair. With this main function, the punters do not have to worry about searching for prices among several operators, since RebelBetting not only finds the prices but also compares them for the benefit of the punter. With the automatic comparison offered by this software, you can save hours of hard work. We recommend Rebelbetting, as the best tools in the sports arbitrage world.

Simplifying the work of searching among the bookies for prices is simply perfect since your profits will increase much more in the short term when you start using this software. Even this can be archived using an automated excel sheet. RebelBetting is the first sports arbitrage software designed specifically for this, but the best thing is that its price is affordable to all.

rebel betting arbitage software benifits

How many bookmakers can RebelBetting scan?

The main bookmaker to scan and find prices with opportunities is Betfair. Obviously, it is the bookies necessary to make arbitrage betting since it offers the exchange service. Although you can also do sporting arbitrage without the need for an exchange since the arbitrage principle does not need an exchange itself. Apart from Betfair, RebelBetting is able to scan any numbers of bookmakers. Currently, you can add between 5 and 30 bookmakers. Although it is not necessary to add more than 20, since with 10-15 bookies with the best prices on the market it will surely be possible to find arbs that pay you good amount money. Betfair arbitrage is commonplace today, that’s why it’s the favorite bookie of Rebelbetting arb software.

The number of bookies will depend on the needs of the user since the more bookies you use, the whole process will be faster for the software to scan and find more arb bets. Before adding bookmakers, the most advisable thing is for the user to have their accounts verified and with money deposited in each bookmaker to avoid mistakes when it comes to finding files.

You will find no problems when connecting with the bookies to find the arbs with RebelBetting software which works in an uninterrupted way, while your internet connection is fast and stable. In case the bookie has connection restrictions for some countries, the software will send a warning to the user.

Does RebelBetting compare all the prices according to the configuration established by the punter?

RebelBetting is able to compare the prices in each of the bookmakers previously established by the user. Each of the bookies is scanned deeply according to the market where the prices are, for example in case of basketball, RebelBetting is responsible for searching and compares the prices between the different bookies to find arbitrage opportunities.

Another important point is that RebelBetting will only offer the betting options based on the percentage of profit the punter wants since it is possible to configure the software to find the prices from 0.5% of gain up to 2%, 3%, 4% or more if required. With this configuration, you will only receive the arbitrage suggestions that adapt to your profit preferences.

At the end of the scanning of the bookies and the price comparison, RebelBetting offers the punter a wide list of all arbs to make bets. Each of the arb shows where it comes from (bookie), the percentage of RebelBetting profit, and the type of bet (moneyline, totals, etc). The punter will only need to select the bookies and make the best and the bet is made automatically.

Rebel Betting Review

How does this software connect with bookies?

By acquiring Rebel betting pro, users can add all their personal data within the software. This includes the username and password of each of the operators to be used. The punters can be completely calm with their personal data since RebelBetting ensures that the data will be fully protected. There is no external connection that can subtract the passwords of the bookies that are stored inside the software.

The same security is enjoyed by punters with the Rebelbetting app, this app is completely shielded from any type of identity or data theft. In case of theft or loss, the app can be locked remotely to remove the password and place a new password that only works from the user’s personal desktop PC.

How many and which are the bookies accepted by RebelBetting?


Currently, RebelBetting accepts around 79 operators, most are the best UK operators, among them are:

10Bet, Betfair, 5Dimes, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bookmaker, Bwin, Dafabet, Netbet, PaddyPower, Coral, Betfred, Unibet, Winner, Pinnacle, Jetbull, ComeOn, Betsson, BetOnline, Betdaq, Bet-at-home, Bet365, 888sport, Betcris, among others.

The bookmakers named above are considered the best in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world, plus other small bookmakers are included. You can see a complete list of bookmakers here.

Each bookie has different instructions for use but all have the same capacity of functions with Rebelbetting free trial or pro version. It all depends on the number of operators that you decide to use, while more operators need more attention should be paid to the instructions established by Rebelbetting. Before buying the pro version of the software, users can download and use Rebelbetting trial version.

How much can arbitrage betting be done daily with RebelBetting?

The number of arbitrage betting depends on the number of bookmakers you have selected. The software will be able to figure out more and more odds if you choose maximum numbers of bookmakers. RebelBetting will be in charge of searching and showing all the arbs available at the moment for the selected markets. The more arbs you look for, the higher the profits, since profit is the main thing in this Rebelbetting software.

The scanning capacity of RebelBetting is superior to any other software on the market, we were testing the speed of this software to find arbs and we realized that the time is reduced up to 80% compared to the manual work done by the punters to compare prices between bookies. We have to remember that it is legal to bet on both sides, there is no type of restriction on the part of bookies, but if some kind of suspicious movement is made on an operator, our account in the bookie could be in danger.

RebelBetting app available in Android and iOS version

The official RebelBetting app has everything you need to find arbs at any time from anywhere using a Smartphone or tablet. This app is available in play store (Android) as well as App Store (iOS). Most markets and betting options are freely offered with the Rebelbetting app, with small differences in relation to software for desktop pc.

RebelBetting app has the approval of Betfair since this app is in the official directory of Betfair, which is a point for the punters who want to download a trusted app that they really trust. In addition, the RebelBetting software and app have a 4.5-star Betfair rating.

How to use Rebelbetting?

To make use of this arbing software the first thing we have to do is open accounts in about 10 operators, preferably in Betfair and the main UK operators. At the end of the registration in each of the bookies, it is necessary to make deposits and take advantage of any type of bonus or free bets that are offered at the time of registration, since any extra money will be in our favor while using Rebelbetting arbitrage software. The recommended deposit is £ 1000 or the equivalent to the local currency to have enough money as required by the arbs.

The second step to start working with betting arbitrage will be to find the best markets. Among the best markets at the moment is football, hockey, basketball, American football, among others. RebelBetting focuses on the main markets but it is also recommended to look for unconventional markets or those less used by the public.

Download RebelBetting, install the software step by step according to the instructions detailed in the e-book included in the product package. Once the software is installed it is time to carefully add the details of the accounts and passwords of our bookmakers, we must be very careful to avoid blocking the accounts.

When you finish adding the bookies and establish the connection, it is time to start configuring the software according to our needs as regards bankroll, the percentage of profit for the arbs, and the maximum amount of bookies. Obviously, there are other options available in the software which are free to test by the user.

The first tests by the user must be for small sums of money, only to prove the proper functioning of the software and the capacity of bets and deposits that we will have. The software does not recharge automatic funds, this part will have to be done by the user manually. It is the only part of arbitrage betting software that cannot be automated, and when referring to recharge of funds. We refer to the money that is charged in the e-wallets like Neteller, Paypal or Skrill to be deposited in the bookies.

How much does Rebel betting arbitrage software cost?

RebelBetting software offers two versions to the punters, the first option is the pro.

rebelbetting pricing

RebelBetting monthly plan

It is a paid option where all functions and some extras of the software are available to the user. The pro version has a cost of £ 129 per month, is the preferred plan by the majority of users. Currently, more than 100,000 users are subscribed to the monthly RebelBetting plan.

RebelBetting annual plan

The second option is the RebelBetting annual subscription, which has a cost of £ 799 for a full year of use, with a huge savings of £ 69 per month. This is probably the best option for punters who need to find arbs every day of the year and are dedicated to this type of bets. Payments can be made by credit card, skrill or Neteller.

RebelBetting trial

RebelBetting TrialFor users who only want to try the software for a few days, there is a Rebelbetting free trial version with some limitations but have equal chances of finding arbs for a week. This offer is only available for new users who download the software for the first time. The trial version includes free sports arbitrage ebook & all video tutorials on RebelBetting software & free access to the software.

Recommendations of a professional

If you do not know what arbitrage betting is, at first study about the subject as much as you can, look for help in forums, websites, and videos. The more you know what arbitrage betting (sure bets) means, the easier it will be to use Rebel betting. And the gains will be much faster in the short term. The arbs are a gold mine, there is no doubt but they also need a considerable investment to cover the necessary fees in each bet. Winding of the RebelBetting review, we highly suggest going for their free trial version first.

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