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Secret of NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL Power Rankings Finally Reveled

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Power ranking is a series of statistics that combine to give a number value to one or more teams. Numbers values are defined as ratings, assigned by people or by some computer system, it defines how good a team is for the next week or the games that they have pending. Most power rankings are based on current seasons, but there are rankings that measure a team’s performance over a span of a few years to project its possible triumph over the next season.

How is power rankings determined?

Among the statistical calculations that are used to define the ranking of a particular team, it can be taken into account the advantage of the team at home and how often they won against a particular team at home.

The advantage at home is one of the main points when making a power ranking for a week in progress, while more home games a team has much better located in the ranking will be at the end of the day. Wins and Losses are another factors that determine the rating of a team, although it is not necessary to base all the rating for a team only on wins/losses, it is important to know how a team has gone over the past few weeks to know what their points average is. Another piece of information included is called strength of schedule, which is related to a number of important games that a team has.

The status of the players is fundamental to know the power that a team has, while the players are healthy and have an excellent performance, the team surely will play much better than having important players out because of an injury. Another important information related to the players is the current status of the season, the moment in which the season is defined much the position of the team in the power ranking.

When do power rankings come out?

The power rankings usually appear about 10-15 weeks before the action of the season, but there’s also weekly rankings, with the power ranking the bettors and fanatics can do a complete analysis of who are the teams in better shape according to what appears in the rankings.

The rankings do not necessarily have to be a list of 10 or more teams, many power rankings contain key information about other types of positions, for example, the best teams with the most marked points trends, possible win according to the game site etc.

Because the teams can make moves and change in the lineups, power rankings are updated according to the news that each team offers, the less the movements and news, the more stable the rankings will be. The convenience is to follow several rankings at the same time to have an accurate update of the best teams.

Zcode system power rankings tool

Power rankings are released from time to time by various organizations like ESPN, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB, Yahoo & others. Similarly, power rankings tools also play a very vital role prior to place a bet on any team. One of the best sports betting system named Zcode system comes with top automated system rating based on power ranking formula. The system calculates the power rankings considering on last three months performance of the participating teams. Don’t forget to install Zcode Sports Trader if you still don’t have it!

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What are NFL power rankings

The best power rankings of the NFL are made by experts in this sport, most of the rankings are strongly affected by the performance of the teams during the preseason and during the trades that are made in the draft. Although the rankings are broken down into several categories according to the provider, it is basically the best teams to reach the playoffs and the super bowl.

The ratings within the power ranking indicate the teams with the best lines to place bets and who are the underdogs with the best possibilities.

Throughout the preseason and offseason, the NFL rankings will have constant movement no matter how many players have moved to another team or which players are injured. The NFL power rankings tend to do much more analytical and descriptive than in any other sport, everything is because the American football is much more complex and the teams change too much during the holidays. 

How NBA power rankings are calculated

For the calculation of the NBA power rankings, providers use a formula similar to any other sport but difference when related to schedules. Teams in the NBA have a much tighter schedule than other sports, for example, the NFL, so the main factor used to create a power ranking is the strength of schedule. The calculation with schedule can be done in different ways, but mainly it is based on a number of games that a basketball team have during the week and who will be their opponents, the weaker or easier are the teams that they have to face during the week, the higher will be the place of the team within the power rankings.

The NBA has always been more intense, for that reason strength of schedule is used mostly as a calculation factor, teams are strongly affected by the games they will have during a week of action, especially if they are disputing the pass to the postseason or the NBA finals.

What are MLB power rankings?

Power rankings in baseball are a little more complicated than in other sports, as many factors affect teams, not only the winning percentages, or the average number of runs per game, but another series of measures that are practically out of place. In MLB there is something called sabermetrics, is a series of mathematical formulas that serve to calculate the possible win of a team based on the previous performance of another team and players. Sabermetrics greatly affects the power rankings in MLB.

Usually, the power rankings within the MLB are calculated using the strength of schedule, In-game information, team composition, Home advantage, wins in the last 10 games, losses in the last 10 games, streaks, among other statistical data. All data is processed to generate a list of the best teams during certain weeks of the regular season.

How do NHL power rankings work? 

The determining factors in the NHL’s power rankings have a lot to do with the status of each team, the start of season points out key points for each team. If a team in the NHL has a bad start to the season, the place of that team in the power rankings will be strongly compromised.

The NHL games are fast, it is a fast-paced sport and the same speed changes the rankings week after week, although like in other sports the real situation is lived weeks before the playoffs.

Do your own power rankings

To do your own power rankings, the first thing to do is look for the basic concepts about the ratings and rankings of teams in the sport of your choice. The concepts to study are: Home advantage as the main factor; Strength of schedule complete analysis of future games of a team; Points versus wins define the average of each team; In-game information on a team; Team composition everything related to the players of a team; Cold start is the start of the season for a team.

With all the statistical information and analysis, we will proceed to add the top 10 teams according to what the numbers and statistics tell us. Another piece of key information is what focus groups say on social media, that first-hand information can help you a lot to get a team up or down in the rankings.


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