Sports Betting Champ Review: Is It A Scam System or Legit?

sports betting champ reviewSports betting champ is a betting system developed by John Morrison. The system guarantees you a 97% winning rate on every bet you make. His sports betting system had generated a buzz among the sports betting world in the past. Champ betting system is now known as Exterminator betting system.

Sports betting champ, John Morrison

John Morrison is a professional gambler and sports handicapper. He developed the betting system over a period of 10 years where he studied databases of different games. He did this out of his love for numbers (he has a Ph.D. in statistics) and sports. Even after he created the program, you kept it a secret for almost 5 years where he worked with it and made a lot of money in online gambling games and casinos.

Does Sports Betting Champ Still Exist

The Whale Picks system is newly developed by The Champ System  & producing outstanding results. After the release of the system, it became one of the most popular and still is in the gambling world. But The Champ System owner is in shadow & hiding his identity.  Still, it is not clear that the developer of the Sports Betting Champ & The Champ System is same.

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How the system works

The system is set to a specific number of games every year which meet the system’s criteria. This makes the system unique. Anyone can place a bet as you don’t need to know anything about games. For the system to reach the high accuracy levels, it puts into consideration four main factors: the current form of the players, the injury condition of the team, past year records, and quality of the players on the bench.

The Whale Picks ReviewThe analysis considers the shooting accuracies of the players, team assists, stealing, and how the players have performed in the recent games. To increase the accuracy levels, the system even puts into consideration the players that will be substituted and how long they will be playing.

While the analytics of the game are complex, it’s easy to work with the system. In fact, with only a few hours of studying the system, you can set up your schedule for the entire year. This is why you can start betting even if you don’t know anything about sports.

The champ system is favorable for both new and experienced betters. To the new bettors, there is plenty of information to help you learn the system fast and place your bet. To the experienced bettors, there is technical information to put into consideration for you to make the right decision.

Sports betting products

Just like any other system, John Morrison has three main products that you can use to make the right betting decision and make as much money as you want. These products include:

The unbeatable sports betting system

It’s the most popular and guarantees you 97% chances of winning your bet if you follow it to the tee. The cool thing about it is that it’s able to determine the low-risk bets ahead of time. It does this using the martingale wagering which is a popular principle in the gambling world. The raw policy is precarious. John Morrison has made a lot of modifications that allow it to work on the system and give you the near-perfect predictions.

Sports Buffet

The buffet is simply a collection of opinions from over 500 top handicappers. John Morrison puts the views in a report and delivers them to your inbox every day. The report contains information on any new players, the status of the players that will be playing, the team that is more likely to win and any other valuable betting information. The purpose of the report is to help you make an informed decision and place your bet at the right place.

Sports betting champ picks

John Morrison has put together three separate daily picks: college and NFL football package, college and NBA basketball package, and year-round horse racing tip package. The packages come in subscriptions that include: fortnightly, monthly, and full year deals. The picks you make are delivered to your inbox early so that you can go through them and place your bet.

Sports betting champ scam

Due to the high accuracy rates promised by the program, some people believe that the allegations are a scam. Other people have used the program and reported to be a scam. The truth is that sports betting champ system isn’t a scam. The people that have used it and reported it to be a scam are those that didn’t use it correctly.

While anyone can use the program, you need to use it properly to see results. From the sports picks sent to you, you will know the team that is more likely to win and the one that it isn’t. If you don’t follow the instructions given, you will lose money and end up saying that the program is a scam. Remember that the system is meant to serve as a guide and direct you to make the right decision.

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Money management

Just like when using any other sports betting systems, you need to manage your money. One of the things you shouldn’t do is to deviate from the system. To make a profit using the system, you have to win 94% of your bets. This means that you need to strictly follow the instructions given by the system to avoid making losses.

While the system has elaborate Martingale modifications aimed at protecting your bankroll, you should be cautious of the amount of money you put into the bet. As rule of thumb avoid putting in more than 5% of your total money in one bet. Doing this not only gives you peace of mind as you know that you can’t lose a lot in the event the game goes against your bet, but it also leaves you with enough money to place on other games.


This is what you need to know about the sports betting champ system developed by John Morrison. The system employs complex statistics to help you make up to 97% accurate odds. You need to strictly follow the guidelines to make profits. To reduce the amount of money you can lose in the bet, have a money management system. Ensure that the amount you put into one game isn’t more than 5% of the amount you had allocated to bet. As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t bet an amount that you can’t afford to lose.

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