Why We Love Sports Betting Strategy (And You Should, Too!)

Top Sports Betting StrategyLike any other business, one has to learn & implement the sports betting strategies to be successful in sports betting. There are basically two main betting strategies that are applied in sports betting.

The Kelly Criterion formula

American mathematician John Kelly developed a unique formula to calculate communication channels and how can you prove their probability, which he demonstrated in a form of a betting ticket. Little did he know that he managed to develop a very interesting betting system that is being used by bettors across the world.

However, this system is known to bring the highest amounts of money but also with the biggest risk of all. It is basically going “rogue” and calculating your own probabilities and odds, regardless of those that the betting companies offer to you. So if the odds seem a bit too good based on your own calculations, you should avoid that and go over to the next one.

The formula goes as following investment = ((Odds x % Chance Win) – 1) / (Decimal Odds – 1) * 100.

We can’t explain this in details, but you can find the original Kelly document for more info about the topic.

Martingale betting system

Martingale system sports betting counted as one of the simplest betting systems out there, but also as the one that carries the biggest risk. Martingale is basically advising you to go all the way in the betting before you record a win. For example, each time you lose you must double your investment on the next game. In order to this system to work, you must always pick the odds over 2.0.

Bettors usually adjust this system to a more stable one, since if your original bet is around 1$, in the tenth step you will go to 520$ investment.

Before choosing this betting system, you must first clear with yourself how much money you are willing to invest in this project. Because when that budget hits the sky, the system ends prematurely.

Some popular form of betting used in sports

Betting on draws

Most bettors tend to choose between two sides when there is a game in focus of bet i.e. Host and a Guest, favorite and an underdog. But for some unusual reason, the draw is mostly considered as a surprise and the odds on a draw are always the highest. This kind of betting requires a bit deeper research but it can be worthwhile since the odds is always around 3/1.During a season, many favorites tend to record 10+ draws and the odds “oddly” remain the same. Manchester United drew more than ten games this season, while Liverpool used to draw a couple of games in January against “smaller” teams.

Asian handicap betting

Asian handicap betting has been introduced some time ago, but still very few people have mastered or even tried this betting possibility and betting system. In shortest way possible, it is basically giving an advantage to the underdog by one or more goals. It can bring you an improved offer on a win by either guest or a host. If you have a game between Manchester United and West Bromwich, there is a good chance that Asian handicap will give West Bromwich a one or two goals advantage. In that case, you can profit by betting on a handicap draw. That means that Manchester United will win by one goal difference, which is oddly a very real possibility. That bet has a 4/1 or 10/3 odds, which is pretty good. Picking two or three of these, with even a minimal investment, can bring you a solid income.

Over and under bets

Every team has a tactic before a particular game, but the tactic usually revolves around the type of a team they are playing against. Over and under bets revolve around the number of goals a particular team score in which halves. Barcelona tends to finish the job in the second half or score more in that period of the game, while Real Madrid is used to scoring in the first half and focus on maintaining the lead throughout the second half. You can benefit from this offer, but the odds are not that high after all. It will take a significant rise in investment of a rise in games to win some serious money.

Hope you enjoy these sports betting strategies and adopt in your sports betting journey successfully.


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