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On May 2, 2022
Last modified:May 25, 2022


Best tennis betting system that works. The tennis tipster provides daily tennis betting picks Covering ATP, ATP Challenger, ITF Men, WTA and ITF Women tournaments using Artificial Intelligence and providing probabilities for picks.

All of us know that tennis betting systems are the key to win any tennis betting. Searching for a professional tennis tipster is a very tough job. At first, we started doing some research to get the best tennis prediction software online. But finally, we end up getting some tennis predictions forum and tennis predictions blog where we could not find any satisfactory results.

Hence finding the right tennis prediction software is the most crucial job to succeed in tennis betting. Nowadays there are many organizations selling tennis tips claims to be professionals. If you fall into wrong hands, you shall lose all your hard earned money.  After doing extensive research we found the following tennis prediction software as the winners. Hence we have reviewed the following tennis betting systems those are having good track records.  The handicapper services are quite old and professionals.

Rank #1 Tennis Betting System



Service launched on the year 2015

Membership Pricing offer two types of membership, one is free and other is paid membership. The free membership version will have access to free tips of the day and no. of tips offered per month is limited to 20. With the paid version you will have access to all the tips including free tips of the day. With the premium membership, you can get up to 7000 tips per month.

Membership cost per month is $99.

Till the writing of this review, they have 20621 predictions this year which had a success rate of 90%. provides tennis predictions and picks for ITF tennis, ATP and WTA tennis predictions for Wimbledon championship.

Benefits of

  • Best tennis tipster which provide tennis predictions up to 98% accuracy.
  • Predictions are delivered through email and also through Android and iPhone Apps.
  • The website is available in 13 languages.
  • Live chat and email support available.
  • A free trial version is available.

Rank #2 Tennis Gold Mine


We came across another good tennis betting system which is performing very well in tennis betting. Patric Ross is the promoter of the system. He is a professional bettor or trader who has been involved only in tennis betting for over 10 years.

Price of membership

The good thing about this betting service is, you do not have to pay recurring fees in order to subscribe to this betting system. You will access the system for life by paying a onetime fee.

Onetime membership fee: £97

The membership fee includes step by step guide and has three staking plans which will help you to make money fast in tennis betting. Once being a member, you will have access to the personal email and Skype of Patric Ross so that you can contact directly with him in case of any doubt. You will also have free access to any future updates.

How does the system work?

You require only one bookie account to make a profit from the system. By following the step and step guide, you can learn and bet successfully. You can even start with a £2 stake to profit from the Goldmine tennis betting system. Just you have to follow the recommendation followed by the system and you are done. You can make an extra lifetime income by tennis betting without paying any subscription fees to get any tennis betting tips.

Rank #3 Tennis Betting System



Service launched on February 2015. One of the best tennis prediction site which is reputed for its winning picks.

Price of membership

TennisBett memberships are of three types namely monthly, quarterly and lifetime. All the plans of TennisBett start with a trial £4.95 for the first month.

Monthly membership fee: £24.95

Quarterly membership fee: £49.95

Lifetime membership fee: £149.95

The promoter of TennisBett is Mr. Jim who is himself a professional tennis bettor. His recommendation comes with staking advice and recommended bookies along with the best odds available. The betting system has a good track record of over 70% strike rate. You do not have to do any tedious calculations to bet in tennis anymore. Tennis betting system will tell you what bet to place and the right time to bet.

Here is how to profit?

Step 1. Open Jim’s Email 
Step 2. Place the recommend bets 
Step 3. Collect your winnings!  

TennisBett provides 30-40 tennis betting tips per month. The tips delivered to your registered email address usually in the morning around 8 AM.

The types of betting tips: Win bets for ATP and WTA.

The system recommends 50 points of starting the bank at the time of following the system. The system will advise you to stake the recommended points along with daily tennis betting tips.

WTA tennis predictions

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is a woman’s professional tennis association. The games are played throughout the year all over the globe, Wimbledon championship is one of the prestigious tournament of WTA played every year at Wimbledon. This year WTA final will be played from 21 to 28 October 2018. The WTA tennis predictions are provided by both the tipsters mentioned above. You can choose any of them as your betting tips provider.

International Tennis Federation tennis predictions

International Tennis Federation is the governing body for pro circuit, wheelchair tennis, and beach tennis,  Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Hopman Cup, Olympic and Para Olympic events are the major events conducted by ITF tennis. The major ITF tennis predictions include ITF Men’s prediction, ITF Women’s 15K predictions, and ITF Women’s 25K+ predictions. is the ideal website which provides ITF tennis betting tips.

Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) predictions

ATP tennis is the association of Men’s professional tennis players and organizes the worldwide tennis tour for men. Grand Slam, ATP finals, ATP Challenger tour are among the major events conducted by ATP. The predictions are provided by both the tennis predictions sites mentioned above.

Final Words and both the betting systems have a good track record in providing professional tennis betting tips. provides 20 free tips per month and  provides trial subscription at $4.95. Hence at first, try both the services by opening a free account or trial account. You can choose the best the best performer by testing both the sports betting systems. Wishing you all the success in your profitable tennis betting journey.

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