“The Whale” Win Again Through His Whale Picks and Parlays

The Whale just about broke even after betting a grand total of $26,100 on his picks. Included here in the attachment are all of The Whale’s betting tickets yesterday where you can see that he puts his money right where his mouth is by betting over $26,000 on the same plays released to you!
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The Whale was 1 single game away from winning an entire Round Robin group 3 separate times yesterday, showing just how paper-thin he was to a big payday. While his Round Robins netted -24.11 units yesterday, his other bets on the picks of the day won with ease to help balance out the loss. Overall, The Whale wagered $26,100 yesterday and cashed out $25,949.94 for a net loss of -$150.06. That’s essentially a break-even day for The Whale.
the whale picks and parlays
Now, if you are to consider the hundreds in free comps that The Whale enjoyed from the casino yesterday after betting more than $26,000 in one day, then it could also be argued that he was up for the day (he received more free comps from the casino after betting more than $26,000 than the small $150 loss he suffered).
So far for the month of July, The Whale has already wagered a total of $172,675.20 on his picks – and that’s even with downtime when no games were played for a week due to the MLB All-star break.
I know of literally ZERO other sports handicappers in the world who has risked hundreds of thousands of dollars on their own picks in this time. The Whale is truly in a class of his own when it comes to “putting your money where your mouth is!”
Read The Whale Pick review for more information on The Whale Sports Picks.
The Whale is currently on track to bet over $100,000 this week on his picks. It’s important for you to know just how much cash The Whale continually throws down on his picks because it’s the only sure-fire way for you to be 100% certain that he’s got your best interest at heart. The Whale wins when you win and he loses when you lose.
The reason why The Whale continues to bet up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a week on his picks is that he is 100% positive that he’ll win out over time. It has happened for him season after season and year after year for 30 years.
Below are The Whale’s Round Robin picks today:
Group 1: Round Robin by 2’s and 3 (3 units per parlay)
Washington Nationals
Milwaukee Brewers
NY Mets

Group 2: Round Robin by 2’s and 3 (3 units per parlay)
Over on Cubs/Braves (9.5 max)
Over on Texas/Baltimore (11 max)
Over on Tampa/Oakland (9 max)
Group 3: Round Robin by 2’s and 3 (3 units per parlay)
Toronto BlueJays
Minnesota Twins
Kansas City Royals
Group 4: Round Robin by 3’s and 4 (2 units per parlay)
Toronto First 5
Kansas City First 5
NY Mets First 5
Washington Nationals First 5
“The Whale” uses a round robin betting strategy. A round robin bet consists of betting multiple parlays in each group of bets. A Round Robin by 3’s and 4 means you’ll be making parlay bets of all 3-team combinations as well as a parlay on the 4 teams. A Round Robin by 2’s and 3 means you’ll be making parlay bets of all 2-team combinations as well as a parlay on the 3 teams.
The whale sports picks
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